My mission.

It can be stated quite simply. You know that feeling you get seeing your spouse after a long day, meeting up with your close friend on a Friday, or the excitement on your children’s faces when either yourself or your spouse arrives home safely from work? That is my reason why, and the driving force behind this business. Ensuring health and safety in the workplace and seeing to it that it carries into your personal lives; so that those moments are something no one ever has taken away from them.


Formally trained as an Engineering Design and Drafting Technologist with education in Machine/Process/Electrical/Structural/Municipal elements; early in my career I found a passion in Occupational Health and Safety. While continuing to draft and check plans for the oil and gas industry, I held the role as company Safety Coordinator for 10 years. This allowed me the opportunity to gain knowledge from safety managers with experience in a variety of industries. Education has always been a high priority to me and I appreciate a challenge. I obtained my CRSP designation in 2017; and since starting a family, work on a contractual basis offering health and safety services to businesses both large and small.

Let’s talk health and safety.

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