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What I offer.

By hiring Kelsey Sperle CRSP®, you gain an individual committed to assisting you and your company, by addressing your health and safety concerns and needs according to a Code of Ethics. You acquire a professional with a designation that is recognized nationally and internationally.


Occupational Hygiene

The concepts of occupational hygiene including training on routes of entry of contaminants into the body, classification of hazards, occupational exposure limits, and methods of controlling workplace exposures. This includes fit testing, and education on the proper choosing and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The exposure to health hazards can lead to diseases and illnesses that can manifest either immediately or after a long period of time after the exposure has stopped, and remain a significant factor in our society’s overall health.

Health & Safety Law

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is governed by an array of Federal and Provincial legislation and policy. I can guide you through the framework of these regulations, organizational obligations, jurisdictional considerations, and an overview of ethical and legal responsibilities as they apply to your business and your industry.

Human Rights Legislation and Safety Legislation do not always work harmoniously together. When conflict occurs, one must be careful to achieve the safety objective with a minimal impact to fundamental human rights. Major areas of conflict including: pre-employment medical testing and medical information, duty to accommodate disabilities, provision of programs in different languages, drug and alcohol testing, PPE, and religious practices.

Workplace Safety Systems

Workplace Safety Systems are related to: accident investigation, work site inspection, accident causation theories, and safe-work procedure development. They allow you to gain a better understanding of recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards in the workplace.

These safety systems are the roots of your company’s safety culture and the structure of your company’s safety manual.. Effective and efficient management of these systems are what will help ensure your business safely succeeds; by creating a positive safety culture, establishing priorities, measuring program success, presenting information effectively, and analyzing the financial impacts of safety systems within your workplace.

Young Workers

It is so critical for young workers to understand the importance of workplace health & safety before entering the work force. Learn more about the basic rights as a worker; the right to know the hazards at work and how to protect themselves; the right to participate in health and safety activities at work; and the right to refuse work they believe to be unusually dangerous.

Yes, this starts as early as their first babysitting job, or when they are entrusted to stay at home independently. Training courses on these subjects include the Babysitting Course, Home Alone program, and direction to the government of Saskatchewan’s Young Worker Readiness Course.

Together, let’s create a safer work environment.

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